My Recent Incarnation

The question is not what do I get out of it? it's how can I best be of service to you? Passing the 40 milestone has really been a fantastic experience, as it kind of prompted me to say "right it's time to wrap things up and start taking action based on what I have... Continue Reading →

Gone with the Second Wind

God is my Guarantor  So the morning affirmations, meditation, discipline of self and deeply embedded faith have all paid off. The inner darkness brought on from my demon debt for most of life is effectively settled as God now takes care of all my affairs. Now and then I access my other points of positivism... Continue Reading →

10 Ways I beat Anxiety

Anxiety - a personal diagnosis It was caused by high expectations of myself when I was comparing or being compared to others. Inevitably as there is always bigger and better it triggered emotions of disappointment, desperation and an overpowering worry about the future and that I would not fulfil the potential in my life. I was always seeking the approval of my nearest and dearest and measured my... Continue Reading →

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