When I Was Paranoid

During my late teens and early twenties I suffered with paranoia a great deal and always felt like I was in imminent danger and running away from something or someone. I would ruminate on these thoughts for prolonged spells and in giving over my focus and energy they would expand into much larger and complex... Continue Reading →

Love… Lost in Space

As the universe intended we connected in the Cosmos A black hole had appeared at light speed it was Two beautiful stars had taken birth from our darkness But communication was poor so we both became heartless feelings vanished into the vacuum; all notable traces were lost the gravitational pull was too strong; survival at all cost We aborted the journey parting our ways reported back to mission... Continue Reading →

Life… But not as we know it Jim!

Tuesday 27th September... Earth year 2016 I started these 'starship' blogs as I was in the pursuit of knowledge and answers to problems which I had encountered in my life but writing them I realise that that the answer I was looking for was more obvious than I thought. A breakdown is the end of a chapter and the beginning... Continue Reading →

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