My experience of attitudes towards mental health in South Asian communities

My experience of attitudes towards mental health in South Asian communities October 20, 2016 What have you got to be depressed about? When I think about the reaction from my community when I was going through mental illness, the sole emotion it evokes is abandonment. I tend not to stereotype as it goes against my... Continue Reading →

When Happy met Sad

Happy New Year Happy New Day Happy New Thought Happy New Way Happy loves his luck Happy loves fun Happy stopped giving a fuck Happy thought he won   When Happy met Sad...   Happy was depressed Happy was ill Happy forgot to rest Happy lost its will Happy couldn't sleep Happy got high Happy went too deep Happy needed to cry He could... Continue Reading →

Life… But not as we know it Jim!

Tuesday 27th September... Earth year 2016 I started these 'starship' blogs as I was in the pursuit of knowledge and answers to problems which I had encountered in my life but writing them I realise that that the answer I was looking for was more obvious than I thought. A breakdown is the end of a chapter and the beginning... Continue Reading →

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