Who Am I?

Who Am I?  If nothing of me is visible at all, Yet I live in the realm of your thoughts, I observe your every disposition, and melodize your life rhythm, I give purpose to your errors, and then heal them, I am a purveyor of righteousness, and I deliver it with transcendent joy, I live... Continue Reading →

The Carrier

House proud, Mystic carrier of the Earth, Wilful on duty, Coloured with honour, Blemished with scars, Instrument of wonder, Blissful is your play, Catcher of the ray, Feeder of plant, Observer of deeds, Always mindful, Caressed in waking rest, Unbound in onward spin, Recoil and set fourth again, Course of destiny awaits, Blue water rising,... Continue Reading →

Child of the Divine

Reflecting God's playfully loving nature, Fresh in their mind, Passed to the Earth, Emblazoned with a destiny, Vessels of Truth and Love, Karmic adventure awaiting, Melting the most discerning hearts, Blissful love incarnate, Maya enveloping the je ne sais quois, With wilful acceptance, Parental bodies stake a claim, Mine is none, Gift of your grace,... Continue Reading →

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