I am a British Asian Sikh male living in Oxfordshire. I  write posts and poems on my blog which are always specific to my own life experience and soul journey. I use my posts to transpose my thoughts, for self reflections and to be a better human whilst hopefully connecting with others. It is also a mental log – should I ever need to look back and  reflect again or to learn about my internal state of mind through certain aspects of my life. Having suffered some mental illness, I think the idea behind this when I started writing was to make sure I can see progress in my own journey. I have found this experience to be enlightening and would highly recommend others to do the same and journal your life as I have been able to conquer many of my demons in this way.

Some of the topics which are very important and common to my posts include:

  • Spirituality – As a Sikh, it is the very essence of my journey to be forever learning and I like to document elements of my spiritual journey as I experience change and development.
  • Truthful Living – Knowing how I want to live out the rest of my life as in the service of others, I will share experiences of my journey.
  • Love & God – The lasting connection, I often share posts in a moment of bliss
  • Mental Ill Health – Having suffered in the past, I dissect my own experiences and what helped me to recover. This has been critical in my healing process and the blog provides me with an outlay to hopefully help others.
  • Corporate Bullying – A topic of my posts because having suffered an entrapment scenario by the government run UK Post Office at the ripe old age of 24 and am currently entangled in a high court battle as part of group litigation for justice for subspostmasters.
  • Wellbeing – As my health has radically improved as I have got older, I am gifted by the knowledge of my previous errors and poor lifestyle. I often post about any noticeable changes and share the knowledge.






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