Like a Bat Out of Hell

After watching a compelling documentary on BBC News last night about the Wuhan lock down and how the Chinese managed to get the Coronavirus under control, I was amazed by the precision of the Chinese government and the discipline of the Wuhan community in forcing a stop and eradicating the initial spread. There is a... Continue Reading →

Me, Myself and Covid-19

#Covid19 #MentalHealthAwareness I am penning this post as an outlook from someone who is self-employed, struggled with mental ill health and ultimately a UK citizen as a way of self-reflection. It is not in anyway intended to cause any offence or distribute any wacky theories... I have faith in the divine and that we will... Continue Reading →

My experience of attitudes towards mental health in South Asian communities

My experience of attitudes towards mental health in South Asian communities October 20, 2016 What have you got to be depressed about? When I think about the reaction from my community when I was going through mental illness, the sole emotion it evokes is abandonment. I tend not to stereotype as it goes against my... Continue Reading →

Post Office – Traumatic Stress Disorder (POTSD)

I am currently entangled in a longstanding dispute with The UK Post Office (Post Office Ltd) as part of a group litigation with 500 odd other sub-postmasters who have all suffered the same or similar plight. In my previous post "The Life I chose" I had intentionally left out a considerable chapter as it was... Continue Reading →

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