Stark Warning

Don't Demonise Individuals Stark Warning 2015 Through Gates Came a warning, Like Noah, With his Ark talk, Gates, 1st avenger, Of the tech era, The real Tony Stark, For who else? Could it have been, Humble, Wise, Intellectual, Faithful, Your message, He detected, Through dedication, Stillness of mind, and study, Awakening premonition, Access to higher... Continue Reading →

Love Speech

Hate Speech Firstly, Let's quickly address, The sour cousin, Hate speech! It starts wars, Breaks bonds, Radicalises simpletons, Within them, It spawns ungodly ideologies, Poisonous language, Thick rhetoric is still rhetoric, Hate speech, Stands out, Because, It is an Abnormality, A bubble of darkness, In an otherwise, Love filled universe, It draws attention, Needs constant... Continue Reading →

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