Love Speech

Hate Speech


Let’s quickly address,

The sour cousin,

Hate speech!

It starts wars,

Breaks bonds,

Radicalises simpletons,

Within them,

It spawns ungodly ideologies,

Poisonous language,

Thick rhetoric is still rhetoric,

Hate speech,

Stands out,


It is an


A bubble of darkness,

In an otherwise,

Love filled universe,

It draws attention,

Needs constant feeding,

And reassurance,

The moment it is uttered,

New voids open,


Black holes form,

And manifest,

Into their speakers,

Purveyors they are

of dark visions,

Easy sells,

To the already blind,

They swap out,

Missing completely,

The greater,

They become slaves,

Settling for earthly promise,

And mortal pleasure,




Their own,


Then sold images of their glory,

Masking over,

The path of destruction



Love Speech


All the while,

The more natural,

Love speech,

Is circling around the hater,


A steady beat,

Observing their foolery,


Simply witnessing,

Through eyes,

Of infinite lovers,

Clear thinkers,

And sacred servants,

For they will be the carriers,

To exhale,

Loving words,

Yet born,

Awaiting their release from

Sweet smiles,

Joyful bubbles,

And laughter,

An instant cure,

Is to reveal love speech,

Is more,

For it will strike upon the hater,

Their victims though,

All need big love,

And for it to be delivered,

Word perfect,

Truly like they never felt before,

Love Speech

We are all potentially it’s speakers,


There are words,

Yet to be spoken,

They need to be clutched

From the very air,

That we breathe,

For once inside,

And tasted,

It will be truly heart felt,

Light becomes the heavy  load,

The body becomes an instrument,

Every sentence becomes a ballad,

And life it’s sweet play,

When resting in silence,

Or softly spoken in mind,

Love speech,

is even more enchanting,

It travels through the eyes,

Uniting stares of longing,


Sparkling an instant recognition,

The constant wit,

The to’s and fro’s,

Playing to beating hearts,

Slapstick is made,

Of hate speech,

New tones,

Constantly emerge,



To the expectant,

Drums of our ears,

Oceans of pain,

Simply wash away,

True colours splash tastefully,

Making art of

Walls in our minds,

The bug is love,

Speech it’s butterfly,

Always landing gracefully,

Like petals dropping to the surface,

Hearts become alive,

New chords get struck,

And vocalised,

The sounds,

Passion-ize the universe,

Love meets love again and again,

It is a perfect match,

And nope,

It is rarely,

News worthy,

But yes,

It is ecstasy,

When felt,

Every time,

It exists and is constant,

Under, over and within all the noise,

Never needing a reminder,

For eyes,

That ask “do you love me?”

Need to instead,

Know and say “I am love”

“Are you?”

love art spiritual


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