I am a dog at Your Court, Lord.
I open my snout and bark before it. ||1||Pause||
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji / Raag Ramkali / Panna 970 / Bhagat Kabir Ji


Durbar (court), a term for a court in Urdu from the Persian. Darbar (Raga), a musical scale/mode of South Indian classical music (Carnatic music) Darbar Sahib (disambiguation) Darbar (title) or Darbar Saheb is a title of honor used in India

This verse is dedicated to the founding father of Sikhism

Siri Guru Nanak Dev Ji (गुरु नानक)



In every moment,

Within your will,

I am edging ever closer,

Summons received,

Court date set,

To deem if I am kosher,

The part of me,

Which is corrupt,

And riddled up with sin,

Will part its ways,

On that date,

The Lord of Justice will begin,

Only that,

That is a match,

Can join you in the outer,

For in this spin,

Is weight and proof,

Many bundles I collated,

In your name,

I hope to stand,

And then be vindicated,

As it is read,

It will be said,

Not always was it clear,

Motives good,

Intentions bad,

Making wrong connections,

Looking deeper,

Seeking truth,

Was often the infection,

Following others,

Tending to trends,

Often lead me astray,

But on this trip,

You made me shift,

And showed me even better,

In the rolling corridor,

I await your call,

In total peace,
































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