Fleeced LLP!

We are all in the midst of a pandemic so sorry if I am a little off topic today but as claimants in the recently settled Post Office Trial, I felt the need to vent again. Please feel free to read the previous blogs I wrote about how we as a family along with many other people were screwed over by Post Office Ltd in the past two decades.

Post Office Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Curious Case of KKG vs Post Office Ltd

It was bad enough to lose many hundreds of thousands of hard earned cash in the first place but the recent kick in the teeth of minuscule compensation from the £57,000,000 that was paid out in recompense has left a sour taste for us along with many others. When we initially signed up to be part of the litigation group, we had completed questionnaires which categorised the kind of damages that we had suffered and calculations were made on that basis to what kind of compensation you could expect. This represented overwhelmingly the most important factor in being part of the group litigation. Getting our names cleared and seeing the Post Office being found out for being the bullies that they are was always secondary because as much as it lends to ease the pain of the past… the compensation is what truly represented hope for a better future and the reclaiming of wealth which had been stolen from us.

£500 for ten years of shame and suffering: Former Post Office staff who were bankrupted and given criminal convictions over Horizon IT scandal slam pitiful compensation payout


That wealth that was stolen from us by Post Office Ltd has now been realised but without any intervention of our own has changed hands onto another band of thieves which are a hedge fund and legal firm who have a self serving interest with the need to profit and return investment to their funder(s). It is a sorry state of affairs that anyone should have profited from our demise. I can see that honourably Alan Bates and Justice For Subpostmasters Alliance are trying to get the government to pay our costs so that the money that was stolen from us can be returned but I honestly am not holding my breath on that one. I don’t expect this outcome to arise as ultimately the simple answer will be “You settled with Post Office Ltd” but I expect Alan Bates has more fight left in him than me. I am mentally exhausted from this whole charade as are my family. It feels as though we have been piggy backed on by profiteers who could see the strength of our case long before it was realised and we have once again been duped.


I fully understand that the case is very complex and required massive investment to get it to the stage that Post Office Ltd would come fourth and agree a settlement but I do not apologise for saying that we as a family are not crusaders looking to bring down governments, we are working class people who just wanted to see an end to this whole chapter and be able to move forward in life with the kind of level of wealth that we had EARNED HONESTLY for all of our years of hard work.

I don’t think it is fully understood but we made massive sacrifices in our lives to generate the money that was taken from us. Most of my childhood was spent working in shops and needless to say, my parents have given blood, sweat and tears on a far greater scale. We rarely went on family holidays and never took time out but in return we were in a very good financial position by the time we engaged with Post Office Ltd.








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