No Need To Panic


This morning I was informed by my oldest son that he had been showing Covid-19 symptoms yesterday with a continuous cough and a high temperature. We had just spent the weekend together and were all in good form as we played football in the garden for prolonged periods amongst other things. He said that his symptoms appear to be subsiding quite quickly and the cough has gradually been reducing. 🙏❤️ I put this in context to the news of a 13 year old boy passing away in London yesterday having no underlining health conditions and felt overwhelmed with empathy for his parents and equally grateful as this could easily have been my child. 🙏❤️

Coronavirus: 13-year-old boy dies, says London hospital trust

On the basis of this information about my eldest son, we all collectively (Family members across 2 different households) made the immediate decision to self-isolate for 14 days and to follow the NHS’s rules STRICTLY so the virus if amongst us does not spread to others. I had reported in one of my recent blogs that Covid-19 appears to be moving a degree closer and feel this has now been justified. I pray that no one suffers with any severe symptoms over the coming weeks and have particular concerns for my father as he falls into the vulnerable category. He is already self isolating for 12 weeks as a vulnerable person and we are being extremely cautious so he stays well away from us in a separate isolated area of our joint family home. Better to stay on the safe side of caution and be mindful of those around you.


Obviously with Covid-19 potentially now presenting itself in my domain, my worldly view appears to have skewed a little and become a little more subjective but I feel the need to vent so what the heck here goes!

I don’t believe for a second that our government and other worldwide authorities are reflecting the true picture. I don’t think this is a cover up either (Apart from in China) I think for the rest of us – this is because we really don’t know!!!

If we consider firstly, what things that we know they (collective governments) definitely do not have the foggiest about? (The known unknowns)

  1. They don’t know how many people are symptomatic
  2. They don’t know how many are asymptomatic but incubating
  3. They don’t know how many people are actively spreading
  4. They don’t know how many people are asymptomatic
  5. They don’t know if someone can be infected twice

It is clear that no one will be able to give a straight answer to these questions and answers will only become known when they have completed adequate mass testing of the general population. In all honesty, if you think about it then that it is some months away if not years!

Population of UK = 60,000,0000 Approx

Number of Tests per day = 25,000 Approx

Number of days to test all = 2400 days

Then we have to consider the unknown unknowns – Things we don’t know that we don’t know yet!

Only time will tell! 🙏❤️ 

I think that the lack of response originally from WHO to raise the alarm or investigate thoroughly what was happening in China is at the core our problem. This was then followed by our slow reacting government’s economically motivated stupidity in implying herd immunity without a vaccine and then delaying school closures before finally moving to a lock down after witnessing many not understanding the seriousness.  All of this has mean’t that the virus has gone viral far before we are being lead to believe. Based on incubation periods and looking back over data for the past two weeks…. I think the wave has started and we will have some serious casualties!

The World Health Organisation made the biggest fuck up in the first place in backing China’s word!


Played It Down!

Delayed The Flipping School Closures!

school closures

Then Panic Buying!!! Cross Contaminating each other on a mass scale



A further 563 patients with coronavirus have died in the UK, taking the total number of deaths in hospitals to 2,352.



It could be worse, we could have Donald Trump at the helm.🤑

He has only just upped his game!


Back to Prayers and Good Wishes for All 🙏❤️


ੴ ਸਤਿਨਾਮੁ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ













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