Where is God?

Having just finished my regular work tasks for the day and after the hugely appreciated compliments I received from Nick Wallis for my last blog, I felt motivated to let the fingers loose for some frantic keyboard bashing again. Nick Wallis writes on the Post Office Trial of which I was one of the many victims in a cruel corporate bullying exercise. There is no historical comparison to the form of abuse that was carried out by the Post Office hierarchy… well at least in the UK anyway!

“He is someone that I look up to as an example of a good soul trying to fight injustice and reveal truth with his journalistic prowess.”

As communal panic continues to reverberate around the world, we could all be excused for feeling a bit like a rabbit in the headlights… paralysed by some form of fear as we sit observing the death rate counters incrementally jumping, global markets crashing and the mad scramble for medical equipment. I am sure many like myself are also hearing stories closer to home of people suffering with Covid-19 so will feel that the virus is moving a degree closer. Even poor Boris Johnson has now been struck down!


With this in mind, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the question of “Where is God?” as I wanted to iron out those few lingering fears I had before I headed out for a walk.  I cannot substantiate if we are all feeling this way (that would be delusions of grandeur 😂) but I imagine my fears are not too indifferent from those that many are feeling. Whether you are a believer in God, a type of God or the non-existence of God… Uncertainty and potential chaos are sure to disrupt anyone’s peace of mind. I am sure that belief in something rather than a belief in nothing will provide you with greater solace in these not so mediocre times.

Before I go forward and in case you have an expectation… I do solemnly swear that I am not going to ram religion down your throat or preach during this post!

The God question first arose in my thoughts in the morning as I was busy sharing a really horrific story about Police brutality in Amritsar (Punjab, India) on a few Facebook groups. I think that has stayed in the back of my thoughts for most of the morning and probably laid the foundations for this post.

On what I was sharing firstly and briefly.

BTW It was no laughing matter! 😢

There was alarming news coming out of India having just gone into lock down mode that some factors of the Police were touting their powers and inflicting unnecessary violence on the masses and this was being reported by many reliable sources. The thin line between disciplined policing and brutal force had clearly been greyed out in the midst of the pandemic and in my opinion it is extremely over the top.

The particular post I shared was with regards to a man who had gone out to get medicine for his pregnant wife but ended up with him pretty much beaten to a pulp for breaching the lock down. There are emerging stories of occurrences across all of India and not just Punjab so please note, I am not in anyway suggesting that this incident was religiously motivated as the perpetrators and the victim were all probably Sikh. The last thing we need right now is a religious war!


With the double whammy of Covid-19 and the rule of power having its day (oppressive behaviour in “some” places)  I am sure that this is causing many to feeling that God has gone into hiding.

I for one Disagree!

God as I believe is formless yet all form at the same time. In my thinking and that of those that have faith, God is ever present. I think you can see reflections of God through illuminated representations of Love, random acts of kindness and where peace, humility and caring for others rule over a situation.


Equally, you can sense the word of God being suppressed when you see acts of greed, lust, wrath, obsessive attachment and excessive pride. These viruses of the mind have plagued the human race for as long as we have been known. As part of my recovery and as a common path of  any self awareness journey I have had to contemplate where these behaviours take birth in myself and then understand what techniques help me to subdue them. I believe all of these negative actions actually originate solely in the dark aspects of our mind and you can only observe them as they surface when your mind is quiet from the deeper soul perspective. When your mind is preoccupied, controlled, manipulated or intoxicated you cannot connect with yourself on that deeper level and develop any reasoning to challenge your actions. That is normally how people are driven to do such hideous things to each other without any realisation of consequences.

Terror Attack on Sikh Temple in Afghanistan 48 Hours Ago

Thinking too deeply about God often leads me to get lost in my thoughts and so with my mental health condition I will not really divulge any further for now but will say that the meditative aspects of the Sikh religion and my Sikh faith have been key elements of my recovery. Keeping your mind still is a real challenge in the current climate. It is a battle which we are all facing and there are many routes to get to inner peace. If you do not believe in God then maybe try some mindfulness, soothing music, yoga or connect with nature.

Keeping your mind quiet and working to develop your inverted conscious eye so that you can observe your thought patterns carefully will help many avoid bad times in the coming months I am sure.

third eye

Waheguru is a term most often used in Sikhism to refer to God, the Supreme Being or the creator of all. It means “Wonderful Teacher” in the Punjabi language, but in this case is used to refer to God. Wahi means “wonderful” and “Guru” is a term denoting “teacher”.



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