China In Your Hand

Take your mind for a walk!

Yesterday, I made the most of one of the few remaining liberties permitted by the UK government. I used my own personal allowance of the ‘one per day’ dosage for an outdoor excursion having decided to take some much needed exercise. I had felt a little drained mentally because I had spent most of the morning working on an existing client project whilst simultaneously absorbing all of the new Covid-19 information as it occurred through the various news channels I have been following. On the basis of the mental fatigue I was feeling, I decided to stop everything shortly after lunch and turned off all my devices for a while. I could sense a little anxiety had built up and I was needing to let the subconscious declutter from the overload of data that I had been feeding it.

Good article on sensory overload

sensory oveerload

So glad I made the decision to stop for a while!.

It was great to escape into an alternative mise en scène and I started to feel the tension lift as I began enjoying the steady live stream of sensory relief that is ‘nature in motion’ when you take a walk around here. It was a pleasant change to the glaring screens and plain walls of my home office (Mental note: buy some wall art!). Not surprisingly, while on my excursion, I noted that there were not many people around (there rarely is!). Those that did come into my domain remained mutually respectful of social distancing rules as we passed each other on the long country roads. We simply greeted each other with a smile 🙂 having already taken preempted strides to keep a good distance on approach.



Whilst enjoying my privilege and feeling eternally grateful, I also began to feel a sense of sympathy for those who don’t have access to such rich lands. I was lead to think about those places in the UK and across the world where they are densely populated and how there would be the greater potential for Covid-19 to spread than such remote locations. Those living in closely confined suburbs would be more susceptible to catching the virus than those that live in rural locations or where there is a dispersed population. I have noted that Covid-19 does not discriminate between victims ( Prince Charles tested positive this morning! God bless him) but because of socioeconomic factors there carries a greater risk of mass infection in the densely populated communities of the poorest in society. (for one! they are sharing communal entrances and facilities with a higher number of people or living in more crammed spaces).


Shared lifts, common entrances and shared housing all increase the likelihood of the spreading of Covid-19

My thoughts then wondered as they often do and I started to look further afield on a more severe case of poverty and the potential for disaster that we as a race could be facing. It is clear as outlined by the World Economic Forum that countries with the greatest poverty and the poorest infrastructure face the greatest threat should the virus continue to spread.  All countries are currently inwardly focused and naturally in a state of self preservation. There does not appear to be much news about International aid or many speeches which are outwardly highlighting the greater risk to those most poor in addition to the most vulnerable. In terms of whether countries which have the most wealth will increase aid… I imagine it will be an ongoing assessment based on them firstly getting a handle on the virus themselves. In the West, all the countries are battling to prevent themselves from becoming the next Italy or worse… so again it could be forgiven for now to be focusing on the welfare of your own citizens. I sense that time will reveal all and hope that this does not become a pandemic in those countries where they have the most depleted systems as it could be catastrophic and go on spreading for years. My feeling is that although it appears to be an International crisis which is currently most deadly in the Western world that it will end up being a longer and more brutal virus in poorer countries.

Indeed, abandoning the world’s most impoverished countries now will only lead to an enormous number of preventable deaths and further global economic instability that puts all of our community at ongoing risk. A truly global fight is a moral priority. – World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum – Coronavirus is coming for the world’s poor. Here are six ways to help

Washing your hands might not be as effective here!

I worry about how China as the global manufacturing hub of the world will act over the coming months/years and how this plays out. Cash is king and the market dictates, so to cope with demand they will be ramping up their production of masks, ventilators and other essential survival tools but will inevitably and unanimously sell to the highest bidder.  That will greatly favour the wealthy countries who are all anxious to get their economies going again and there will be the added promises of reciprocal improved trade deals to make sure that they get first dabs on what they need. I can imagine containers being shipped across the world which are full of supplies bypassing many countries in need but going to the destination where the highest price has been paid.

“Major industries including automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, consumer goods and more have been significantly affected. This is a result of China having become a world production centre over the past two to three decades.”


I thought a little about the potential that exists for a kind of dystopian future where there will be a new type of segregation. Countries that don’t get the virus under control will get left behind in the new race to the top. Borders will be closed to them, sanctions will be placed and they will beg at the doors of the mighty like a bunch of new world lepers.  The wealthiest countries (and the wealthiest within them) will deliver vaccines top down and will prioritise using their resources on rapidly testing their “working” populations first as they are driven by fear for their economies.


I think that poorer nations will have a painful and laborious process in firstly getting the necessary supply chain and then secondly carrying out the remedial action. It is a brave new world! I really hope Covid-19 somehow hops over the Third world.

We are in China’s hands… Hopefully they have been washed for at least 20 seconds using hand sanitizer! 🙂




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