The Rising

Earth 2019

The far left and right wings rising,

one-two, one-two,

The governing body is doped in the corner,

Annexed with a flurry from all sides,

The free flowing blows of misinformation,

Middle ground legs trembling,

Mediocre times no more.


Meanwhile in the Multiverse…

The Colosseum shakes,

higher vibrations echo back from earth,

The bell ringer is holding back,

Controlled by the intense pressure as it channels from the devious minds of the profiteers,

“God is Dead” – The official sponsor gives a glancing nod and the bout goes on…

The hate filled minds of the lost souls craving more,

God-Son gets up in round Ten, wipes the blood from his brow,

But is quickly bludgeoned,

The blood soaked towel gets thrown in,

The crowd hiss,

pandemonium breaks out,


Meanwhile in Eternity

The heavenly father rises and takes seat in his watchful throne,

All is lit,

God-Son awakens and joins him at his side.

Welcomed into his warm embrace,

Earthlings count their blessings,

The Sun rises,

The black hole closes,

The Multiverse shuts down for its transcendent sleep.


Happy Sunday!




















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