My Recent Incarnation

The question is not what do I get out of it? it’s how can I best be of service to you?

Passing the 40 milestone has really been a fantastic experience, as it kind of prompted me to say “right it’s time to wrap things up and start taking action based on what I have learned”. I feel like I have just stepped into my new self after being away for some time and I honestly love this one. I have received so many positive signals from the universe that my new direction is aligned to my truest path that I no longer think “The Big Four Zero” was just a number. For me, it’s has been trigger to say it’s time! I have mentally digested my past pains, gains and life experience and I am now focused on and enjoying immersing myself in the service of others.


During the past few years, I have often questioned myself and thought why do I look at things in so much depth? Why do I need to analyse my past? Why don’t I just forget all this and just do what I always did and throw on a mask and just follow what others are doing? Everything pointing towards me from social media to family advice was screaming out that you should stay in the now! Be present, not look back or forwards and focusing on positive thoughts. That to me, never seemed right.


I am glad however that I did not lose my discipline and still steered on what was the more difficult path in revisiting the darkness. In being able to take lessons from my failures and revisit painful mistakes of judgement which I made, I was able to find spots of light in them. This is how you become enlightened. I feel like a big weight had been lifted of my shoulders and in completing that part of my spiritual journey I am no longer puzzled by the foundation of my past decisions. They were made based on my cumulative learning history and limited understanding at that time. I have found knowledge in them now which I would not have been able to decipher back then.

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Reading lot’s of Carl Jung’s content over the Summer was wonderful in terms of furthering my understanding and I found his quest to converge science and religion as quite compelling. I had not addressed my shadow and I think that was why I was still having turbulence in my spiritual journey.  You have to visit the whole spectrum of your thoughts to fully understand your mind and healing is not completed from simply following the light in the belief that all your past will just fall away. Trauma needs to be confronted to be cured otherwise it will reshape itself as a negative trait in your persona.


In fact, I am mentally and physically fitter and more attuned to myself and others than in any time previous.  At 30, I was exhausted and working all the hours I could thinking that I have to do this to make it. Looking back at myself now, I would humour him. Working harder is not smarter and thinking that making money would solve all my problems was also nonsense. His motives were genuinely good as he wanted to provide the best for his family and wanted to improve his status. The poor guy :-), But he had no coping mechanisms for stress other than weekend drinks and temporary escapism only to then pick up the same problems the next week in a recurring nightmare.


Living My Best Life

What has occurred for me since around the time I turned 40 is a convergence of all of my knowledge into a clear and simple message of how I wish to live out the rest of my life. It is to be in the service of others through my personal and business existence.

Business Ethos

To genuinely be in service of others in business is to work with integrity, a clear conscience and treat not just your clients but everyone connected to you with dignity and respect. Look at how best you can add value to those relationship’s. If money is the pure motive of the relationship and I do not feel I could genuinely help them regardless of the financial gain, I would not take the work because I will not be motivated… simple as that. I will also only work with people that are self aware, ethical and moral in their treatment of others.

Personal Ethos

In my personal life, how can I be in service of others?

This is where your personal brand converges with your business ethos. So similarly to the above business ethos, I have many people from friends, family to acquaintances within my personal network may also need assistance. I have learned that I have acquired a number of skills over the years in terms of being investigative and I decided that if they are victims of any injustices such as corporate bullying, poor treatment by authorities or need just need a help filling out forms then I will make myself available  and do my best to assist them. Simple as that! My circle has got considerably smaller since I have focused on myself however since I have opened myself up to be available to help others, I am grateful that the right people continue to come my way. They either want to help others and we connect on that level or they need assistance of some sort. These transactions can never be for money… They are worth much more than that!

Being a Servant Leader

In reading more recently about servant leadership it’s has probably been embedded into my subconscious and it definitely feels right. It is also true to my Sikh values as Seva (Being in the service of others) is a core attribute of our beliefs.



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