Gone with the Second Wind

God is my Guarantor 

So the morning affirmations, meditation, discipline of self and deeply embedded faith have all paid off. The inner darkness brought on from my demon debt for most of life is effectively settled as God now takes care of all my affairs. Now and then I access my other points of positivism through good friends, family, learning tools and nature but ultimately they are also just secondary lenders repackaging his vibes to me as any positive feeling are his radiance in different forms.


Don’t ask for too many opinions!

I really want to sing and dance about the progress I have made and tell the world, but in truth all I would be doing is giving people another opinion on what they should do and explaining what worked for me. I think we are inundated with so much opinion through media that many people become confused, anxious and fail to hear there inner voice… not from internal conflict as many of us have experienced but from external disturbance of every point of view, good or bad bombarding them to redirect their thought trail.


Don’t end up chasing your own tail!

When an obedient dog is told to sit by their owner then they will do so but if there are 2 or 3 owners all shouting different instructions you will see their head spinning with confusion and they will be chasing their tail before they know it. This is the kind of school of thought of how people are controlled. If the dog was slowly travelling on a conveyor belt taking them to local vet to be put down they would be oblivious to it from the disturbing noise and would arrive there none the wiser having not realised their life had just passed them by. Where as the dog does not have the ability to tell all of the external influences to be quiet so that they can hear their thoughts again! We as humans do.


Be the Coach of your own Life

So before somebody next gives you advice or suggests remedial action to your present circumstance think that their exact output at that exact moment is the sum of their learning history up till then and their experience which formulated their beliefs. By all means listen and learn from them but don’t expect their precise output to be your precise solution. I am not an anti-life coach guy! (I kind of am) but I think it is unfair for people to be told in such general terms what they should do as the only person who truly knows what they need to do is themselves. Empowerment through providing them with the tools to improve themselves is great and for this I embrace the life coaches but where I see people who are in affect being told what they want to hear in exchange for an extended monthly subscription I think this is drastically wrong.

Protect your Soul it is you as a child

We should embrace the information with which we are provided and be willing to learn endlessly from any periphery attached to our soul. Our Mind, Body, Our Domain, People we are acquainted with, nature, homes, gardens, technology are all attached to us and everything is connected in an absolute sense. We must preserve our soul and nurture it for it is the child that we once were and the suppressed-being part of us to whom over time more and more things have become attached. When you begin to protect your soul it reciprocates and starts energising the rest of your being (Mind, Body) then external elements within your vicinity (Your domain, people around you, nature, your work). This I believe is the inner working of what is mean’t by tuning into the frequency and then the universe providing.

Catch your Second Wind

So I am in a second wind of life now… Gone Clear! I have a number of new life goals and personal objectives for which when laying the grounds for I am cautious that they will not in anyway infiltrate my soul but I am assured to know my thought process is governed from the real powers that be.







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