Love is… isn’t it?

Answers from the great beyond please

What is love? luv? X x….

Is love a feeling? if so then why does it recur in a constant form unlike those which pass or depend on circumstantial thought arousal  like happiness, sadness, jealousy or anger?

Is love a perception? If so then why does it stand true when the mist of poor judgement clears away.

Is it a direct transmission to our soul from God which reinvigorates mind, body and soul, a way to kick us back into gear when our path is being altered?

A power strong enough to make us alter our path without consideration of pain or fear

Love is the provider of the spring in my step when I run beyond my limits

Love nulls aches pains, mental tension and solves complex thought trails

Dose on it daily in the here and now and seek it in every opportunity

It is a valuable commodity, shares are highly sought after

Great Wars have been fought over this fuel

Is it an energy? Not Lost nor destroy-able?

Love gives me purpose empowering affirmations

Love is Soul fuel

Unrefined and capable of putting the heart into spontaneous combustion


Love when visible is the truest reflection of God

and what is to come…













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