How to Progress: Make learning a daily ritual, constantly challenge your beliefs, be humble and be faithful 

Very Humbling

Learning is not browsing through Google, learning is finding truth in all things.

Absolute Power is about control of self not to be influenced by others and not about controlling others

Losing is a state of mind… If you don’t quit then you never lose because there is always another day to try again

Reinforcing that absolute power is about you not over others

Many people think because they have power they are God like… don’t confuse Godfidence with Ego. This is about having strong faith so you do not worry in any environment as it arises around you.

no explanation necessary

Challenge your Beliefs everyday and don’t follow the crowd just to crave acceptance and try to convince yourself you are normal. Of the 7 billion people on this planet the only thing that separates all of us is us.

Embrace change and embrace bad experiences the same way you embrace good ones. They were meant to happen to make you who you are today.

Never stop dreaming and live in wonder like a child as that is how you find beauty in small things.

Accept what you can control and hand back all that you cannot. Trust me… it’s in good hands which are far more capable of making changes for us than we are.

Praying, meditating, helping someone, loving someone,  working at what you enjoy…. it’s all good. If if feels good its good and if it is superficially good then it’s not and get ready for the come down!. Things which are really good don’t come with a come down but come with a lasting feeling of happiness.

Appreciate the dark days as they make you stronger.

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