The Awakenings

Why do you have to suffer in outer silence dear inner bliss

My tortured soul restless in thy flesh and bone

The inner vocalist roars with proof such justified

They fear my truth he says, I am unfit for their lies

“Take your pills” he said, laughter pursued

Arrogance of a weak man desperate to be righteous

Unaware of a desolate father soon to take his perch

Not thee, Not I but bred unhappiness born alike

Suitor of thee mask worn by frail darkness

See my light it shines from within

Awaken those unspoken

Been a while since I posted but had some deep feelings recently and wanted to share them. Helps me get them of my chest and on to the next. The big change in life is to recognise feelings (yeah, yeah, be mindful again), feel them arrive in you, control them and then let them go. The verse started with my pain and ended with my release so the feeling has passed. Thank you for reading








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