Poetic Justice #1

There is no reward

No claim back receipt

This lesson reveals

a master of deceit

Think of the consequences

before you complete this transaction

You cannot go back

and change your reaction


Read this verse in spoken word

through only your mind

If you need to disperse or be heard

then just press rewind

the heard word is the verse

I am being cruel to be kind

If in agreement we proceed

You might not like what you find


Your valuation to me

Currently stands at zero

I have to say this

so I can lower your ego

Open your mind

to the real intervention

Which occurred at time-some

but no one can mention


He lives inside us

Exercising control

His price has inflated

In pursuit of your soul

We have lost visual

become clouded and weak

He preys on that weakness

As we outwardly seek


Approval from others

Defamation of self

Stealing from brothers

Reclaiming the wealth

The sorry little bastard

has been torturing your soul

Chipping away

and it’s taking it’s toll


Like zombies roaming

with stress and depression

Learn to survive this cloning

end the spiritual recession

He preyed on your innocence

when you were a child

His thoughts were so devious

and grin was so vile


Now you can picture him

virtual violence is the way

But only in your thoughts

will he be fought

and I shall portray

Kick him, stab him, let it all out

The animal instincts were there

There was never a doubt


This was the purpose of violence

we were truly misguided

Now he needs to pay the price

as the coin was two sided

When your tempted to wrong

he smiles in delight

Picture him laughing then

strike him with might


We were taught to ignore him

so he found a disguise

Detect him early

reject. spit out his lies

End a lifetime of confusion

into why you feel empty

Looking for love on the outside

but inside was plenty


He fed on your kind nature

Spreading lust for wealth not life

Then kept you staring outside

while he inserted the knife

In this instance of hate

vengeance is good

Make sure the art of violence

is not misunderstood

Martial arts, action adventure

or computer game violence

A perfect remedy to it all

when you suffer in silence


This action was created but

should not be outwardly faced

For demonic warfare if used

then negativity can be erased

Go ahead and grasp the game

conquer it’s mission

Lifeline’s are short, vitality limits

and the world in transition


Embrace the technology

be mindful he is there

Turn and destroy him

Always beware

He is looking for new ways

to disrupt your peace

As you get stronger

you will control and release


When he comes back

don’t let him haggle or plead

Your call of duty is simple

and all that you need

This was a lesson in fighting your demon

Understanding he is there

not in being of human

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