When Happy met Sad

Happy New Year

Happy New Day

Happy New Thought

Happy New Way

Happy loves his luck

Happy loves fun

Happy stopped giving a fuck

Happy thought he won


When Happy met Sad…


Happy was depressed

Happy was ill

Happy forgot to rest

Happy lost its will

Happy couldn’t sleep

Happy got high

Happy went too deep

Happy needed to cry

He could not show a tear

Sad sensed his fear

Sad told him he was mental

and told him he was poor

His birth was accidental

Happy could not take any more


Happy snapped

Happy had enough

Happy took a long nap

and came back really tough

Happy smiled at Sad

Sad frowned back at him

Happy wasn’t bothered

Happy chose to grin

Happy was brave and Happy was strong

He was not mentally ill and Sad was so wrong


Happy left Sad

Sad felt upset

Happy was not mad

Happy chose to forget

Happy still cared for Sad

and hoped Sad would get better

Sad needed to get over herself

So Happy wrote her a letter


Dear Sad,

I feel sorry for you because you are actually a nice person and I believe in you. If you can just get passed all of those negative thoughts I am sure you could be happy. I don’t want to force you to be like me but I love you and I am sure there is a good person under there. If you cannot change then I will not be able to be near you because you cause me too much pain.

Lots of Love










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