I cannot give you more than I already have

More was before and all that I had

never enough and always some more

Was I not worthy to be kept down on all four

My backbone is stronger and stood me back up

Lifted by my supporters it was never abrupt

I stand shoulder to shoulder with any man or beast

Your heart has got colder and value the least

Slowly I have learned how to stance and guard

Getting back up was not even that hard

Getting back down is never an option

The body is cleansed no existence of toxin

The brain is free from doubt and corruption

Faith and positivity are a beautiful concoction

I embrace God’s given beauty whilst in natures nest

My one true self’s survival was passing the test












10 thoughts on “Backbone

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      1. It’s a great shot; very emotional. I work a lot with artists and other creatives and it bothers me if organisations (like WordPress) don’t provide a credit to the author of an image. I think that encourages others to do the same, and photos are as much intellectual property as music, books, paintings. Sorry for the rant; it’s an important issue. 🙂

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      2. 🙂 I think the best thing to do is to always credit images. And if they are of artwork (as mine often are) also credit the artist who produced the work. Even if you don’t know who created an image, it’s worth saying “photographer unknown” or similar, to at least remind people that there is a photographer out there who has created something. It’s amazing how crediting artists in a photo of their work is appreciated by them — especially if you link to their website or social media profile as well. As you will know, artists are usually pretty poorly paid and acknowledgement is worth so much to them. Cheers, Su.

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